This webpage is abridged, broken, crude, defective, expurgated, fractional, fragmentary, garbled, half-done, immature, incoherent, meager, part, partial, rough, rude, rudimentary, scrappy, short, sketchy, unaccomplished, unconsummated, under construction, undeveloped, undone, unexecuted, unpolished, and wanting.
It is also disconnected, disturbed, erratic, fragmentary, incomplete, intermittent, interrupted, irregular, spasmodic, and spastic.
Furthermore, it is abnormal, amiss, damaged, deficient, faulty, flawed, glitched, gremlinated, impaired, imperfect, inadequate, incomplete, injured, insufficient, lacking, poor, retarded, schlock, seconds, short, sick, subnormal, unfinished, unhealthy, unsound, and potentially repetative in parts.
Author's Recommendation
Come back in the future when it will be none of these things. :)