Kristen's Commentary on Anthony E. L. Lounsberry
July 13, 2010
We Miss You

On July 13, 1998 the best lil brother in the world was born. I was 3 1/2 years older than him. But he was the closest person to me of all time. He was my lil man :) He wanted to do everything sissy did. When I was little I thought it was annoying. but my favorite memories of this lil man. oh you guys have to hear them, we used to live at these aparements that my grandpa owns and we had a rope swing in the back. Anthony was maybe 2 years old and he was fearless. He went on it b4 any of the rest of us did, ( bree, tre or me ). He thought he was kool :). or the times when I felt bad bc he wanted to go fishing with my and dad but he couldnt. I cried it hurt me so bad to see him hurt. We shared a room almost him entire life.That's how much he didnt want to b away from me. We moved into a house next door to my grandparents and he finally got him own room. he never stayed there. My mom told him that he needed to start sleeping in his room. so he layed there untill mom went to bed and he came into my room and fall alseep with me. I remembered waking up and always knowing he was there. haha he hated when I went to school bc he couldnt see me. He was the biggest character you will ever meet. I love this boy. We even gave him his very own CAR bed and he still wanted to sleep in with his sissy. now that I look back I dont have a problem with it but then I kinda did. I remember one time I was collecting the United States quarters and he replaced all my quarters with pennies and went to the store with my mom. I was so bad. I remember when we had to leave to georgia. Neither of us really wanted to go but we wanted to b with our mommy. We cried and cried. but when we got down there it wasnt so bad. He finally started school and boy I was so proud of him. He was the cutiest lil thing. He didnt really get it as much as he wanted to but i helped and helped him. We lived in a motel for like 4 months and I was always home alone watching over him no one was every gonna hurt bubba ( his nickname ). He was seriously the only person i told anything 2. I trusted him with my life. We were home alone one day and housekeeping came we hide in the bathroom and locked the door when the manager came she forced the door open and I was holding Anthony protecting him from anything that was going to happen. He wasnt even 6 yet he was scared and I was his big sissy I had to take care of him. He was crying and after she left he layed in my arms for hours crying. I tryed my best to help him. Well we finally got our own house with our mommy. and we jus moved him and started school and everything.

Well on the morning of november 10, 2004 around 3:30 a.m. I woke up to are roomate yelling FIRE!! FIRE!!! I'm a heavy sleeper normaly I wouldnt of woke up idk y I did. But I did and I sat up real fast. But as soon as i sat up i laid back down bc of all the smoke. it was everywhere. I tried and tried to wake Anthony up. When he finally got up.. i told him to stay down and he always listened to me so he did I told him not to worry that sissy wasnt going to let anythign happen I was going to find the door and we were going to get out. Well I was screaming for my mommy and her bf bc i was scared too but I didnt want him to kno that. So I tried to hide it as much as possible. my mom came running throw the door coming to get my and anthony. we ran to her room with her. Leo ( my moms bf ) and i started screaming for help while my mom had anthony in her arms. we all ran bac to mine and anthonys bedroom. he was holding my hand the entire time. i told him not to let go that sissy was right here with him always os matter what... my moms bf leo jumped out to catch us when we jumped. and my mom made me go i told her that i wasnt going till anthony went and anthony got scared and ran back to my moms room to get his elephant ( his favorite stuffed animal from my mom). and i wanted to go get him but my mom wouldnt let me she told me to get out the window now. after i jumped my mom turned around to go looking for him but as she turned she passed out from the smoke and hit her head. anthony had to see all of this so he was extremely scared to even move. i was scream up to him tellin him to jump jump. he ran to the other window and other people told him to jump. one person told him to jump he might break a leg but to jump anyway. hes only 6? who would say that to a 6 year old? he disappered from the window and was never seen again :'( a couple minutes later the whole house was up in flames and im screaming and crying bc my little brother the person closest to me was still inside. it was a really bad day that i will remember for the rest of my life. ( R.I.P Anthony Edwin Louis Lounsberry ) We all love you and miss you everyday of our lives.