Thursday - March 22nd, 2007

Got up, got stuff ready, then went with my roommate so he could drop me off to pick up the rental car. Standard size was what they had said a couple of weeks ago, hmmmm ok, I'm thinking of something not quite sporty but maybe decent size without being huge. I can deal with that, as I anticipate possibly being one of the drivers since I'll actually have a vehicle this year. Even if not, better safe than sorry. So my roommate drops me off around noon, and I fill out the paperwork. Then they bring around some strange looking vehicle I've only seen infrequently before. Weird. Can't decide if I like it or not, but it's a vehicle that runs so I'm not gonna be picky about it. I drive back to where I live and "load up", which generally consisted of a laptop, some sacks of clothes, etc. Then I drive up to Snohomish where my storage is and grab some CD's. Mostly Weird Al and some 80's stuff, and then on my way to Canada. Vehicle pickup and loading time, roughly 2 hours. I leave around 2pm or so. Since I had originally anticipated leaving Bellevue around 1pm, I'm not too far behind schedule.

When I get up to the border, the officer asked me where I was going and why, I told him I was heading to Vancouver for a convention. He asks me what kind, and I say “X-Files”. Hell no, I'm not going to say Lone Gunmen... you think I want my rental to get torn apart because some flatfoot doesn't watch enough X-Files to know what I'm referring to? Screw that! He looks at me funny and says “Not Stargate?” I look back at him strangely and tell him I like Stargate SG1 but no, this weekend I'm doing the X-Files thing. He nods, says “All right, go ahead.” Doesn't ask me for my birth certificate or ID... just passes me through. OK, ya don't have to hit ME twice with a brick, off I go.

6:00pm PST (or so)

Arrived at the hotel. Checked in. Saw Cyndi & Erin I don't know if it's spelled the same as the other Erynn or not, so I'll just call her Erin instead of Erin... Erin, let me know and I'll gladly change it to whatever you like best. :) walking to their room, waved and said hi. Unloaded my stuff into the room, set up my laptop and thumbed through the customer service book the hotel nicely provided. Walked over to obtain the modem that the book referred to for Internet, and they informed me they now had wireless. Kewl. Went back, started the laptop and sure enough, Internet was there. :) Mulled around a bit, then decided to send out a message in case more people were there, although I was kind of tired from driving, I was awake enough that if anyone wanted to get together I would probably still be sociable enough. Nobody called or knocked on the door, so after a while of chatting and emailing, I took a shower and went to bed.

Friday - March 23rd, 2007

Got up, got dressed, turned on the laptop, messed around on the net for a little while until one of the twins called and said breakfast was around 10:15 or 10:30 (they actually said when, but I can't recall at the moment). Sweet. OK, more mulling on the net and checked out a little TV. When the time rolled around, I went over to the ABC Restaurant and sat down with Ginny, Meg and Eve. Hadn't seen Ginny since LGMcon 2004 (I believe), so we caught up a little. Kevin, our attendant from last year, was working so we said heya to him. Obtained our kewl badges from the twins and hugged everyone on arrival. Ginny told us about the Stargate Atlantis stand-around (something about the doctor) and stuff. Interesting. I must remember to obtain the first season. We indulged ourselves by dragging Kevin into a few pictures for those wanting one. Kevin was, as usual, patient and affording to our group. He's a great guy, and appears to understand oddities such as ourselves. (lol) Thanks Kevin, we appreciate and think a lot of your kindness every year. :)

After breakfast we arranged drivers (as I anticipated, an additional car was a reasonable idea, and I volunteered to be one of the drivers), and off we went. After driving around and visiting some X-Files filming sites, we went to our separate rooms to dry off (to say it was torrentially raining is not altogether an exaguration) and rest a bit.

Around 6ish we got back together at the Twin's room, and played some games and watched some videos. Mags finally showed up and was properly greeted; then we played another 'board' game. Amusing and fun... :) After the games (Thanks goes to Surreal and Andie for the great gifts they gave out to everyone... you guys are awesome!!! HUGS!!!) most of them sat down to watch Dean Haglund's SPECTRES. I, Linda and Mags had already seen it, so we (and one or two others) departed to go get some sleep. Took a shower, went to bed.

Saturday - March 24th, 2007

Got up, got dressed, went to the restaurant. Eve, Meg and either Andie or Erin (gods, was I so tired that I can't even remember????) were already there, but departed soon after my arrival as they had already been up and just finished eating. I ordered breakfast, then went back to my room. Caught up with the gang, and new details were given out for the day's sight seeing. :)

We headed out, and did a good deal of driving in the fog and rain. We followed the twins, and Cyndi & Erin followed us (later, we followed them as well). After a fun time of visiting sites the caravan separated and individually headed back to the hotel.

After dropping Mags and Meg off at the hotel, I drove to the Kingsman Mall to look for a clean shirt (I had discovered this morning that somehow my shirt bag had been left in Washington, so I only had the two I had worn and was wearing). OK, so the intended Mall was actually the one near the Hotel, but that's another story. I get back, get dressed, and catch up to a couple of the gang in the Lobby. After the rest show up, we high-tail it over to the restaurant, and are escorted to our area. Eve sits to my right, Meg diagonal from me and Erynn sits down across from me.

I chat with Erynn, Meg and Eve for a bit, and after a while Bruce and Heather, Michael Roberds and Patrick Stark with his wife and 1 year old (who by the way is cute as the dickins!) show up. Shockingly, Bruce has shaved his beard! He indicates that he only just did so a couple of days ago. He looks a lot younger, and I find myself forgetting he's only about a year younger than I am. In between chatting with Bruce, Mike and Patrick, I spend much time making faces at Pat's little boy, who alternates between being shy and grinning. Like I said, cute kid.

I had heard from other persons there that we were going to play "musical chairs" so that everyone would have a chance to chat with the guys, but nobody ever did... so cordially the celebs who were present walked around to mingle. Mike (Roberds) had to leave early, which timed well with everyone finishing dinner and desert, so I offered to take a pic of Eve, Erin, Cyndi & Mike... which immediately preceded a barrage of picture taking.

Soon after I noticed Eve begin videotaping Bruce and it turned out Linda had gotten him another $20 bill to rip for her (she told me earlier that her wallet with the previous $20 had ended up missing (stolen)) so I took a different position to the right and behind Linda and also taped it with my camera. A few seconds in bad lighting and... success! Bruce pulled through like the champ he is... :) If any non-LGM friends of mine have no clue as to what this paragraph was about, email or call me and I will explain. :)

Things wrap up at dinner, and we move outside to talk to Bruce and Heather for a bit before departing. Brief discussions take place; one being that perhaps we could add a little notoriety for Bruce by screaming “Look, it's Bruce Harwood!”. Too funny. LOL Finally we head down to parking to retrieve the vehicles and as I'm pulling out, someone in the back seat says “ok everyone, when we pass them, yell 'Oh my god, it IS Bruce Harwood!'”, so we do. Everyone gets big chucks and Bruce eats it up and does a chuga dance... lol

After driving back to the hotel, some of us gather for a few up in the Twins room, then after a while head back to our respective rooms.

Sunday - March 25th, 2007

Got up, took all my stuff out to the rental, then straightened up the room a bit. Went and had breakfast with the gang (those who were there, a few more showed up shortly after). Ginny and I made plans to go to THE LAST MIMZY which Bruce is in. Meg asked if I could drop her off at the bus station, which was perfectly fine, so we finished breakfast and I ran her over. On the way I got a txt msg on my cell which necessitated my bringing my weekend in Vancouver to a close, so I went back to the hotel and canceled Ginny's and my movie date (ok, you know what I mean... lol), and I departed.

Once I hit the border, it's a whole different story. A different guy not only asks for either Passport or Birth certificate with ID, he asks me about a zillion questions, almost down to what underwear size I wore. Finally he's satisfied enough to pass me through. Kinda gave me the impression that if I hadn't told him I was a security supervisor when he asked me what I did for a living, he'd have taken the rental apart himself. Strange guy, but thorough.

Sorry it took me all week to get this done, it's been a busy one. :)

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