Thursday - March 23rd, 2006

I drove up to Mount Vernon around 10pm or so as I wasn't sure I'd remember exactly where the cabin was at. The directions however were as good as last year, so I made it without any problems. Mags, Amy and Linda showed up about a half hour to an hour later, as anticipated. They got everything unpacked, and after chit chatting for a few minutes, everyone went to bed (they upstairs and me downstairs... lol).

Friday - March 24th, 2006

I set my alarm for 7am, and when I woke up everyone was already awake. After breakfast we bonked around and left sometime around 10am. Stopping for mochas, then a side-trip to check out some blooming flowers (see the pictures page), we headed up to Canada.

We hit the border and passed through with little difficulty. We all had either passports or birth certificates, and ID... so we got through easily enough.

Arriving at the hotel, I discovered we were across the street from Vancouver's MGM filming lot, where they film Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica. Kewl. We checked in, and the gals went to their respective rooms. Not me though, my room apparently wasn't ready. Ah well. It was only 15 minutes wait, which wasn't bad, and I dumped my stuff in the room and met up with them to go grab dinner at the restaraunt.

Anndie and Surreal had gifts for us in a small box, which included many interesting knickknacks (maple leaf, LGM name magnets, etc) and a GunCon 2006 necklace with various LGM scenes printed on each. Too kewl for words. Thanks you two!!!

Shortly after we all split to our separate rooms to get ready for dinner. I'm fairly excited as Bruce and Mike and Lance are supposed to come, and though I've met Mike and Lance, I enjoyed our last meet tremendoiusly. And as I've not met Bruce in person before, I'm looking forward to the evening. A quick shower and a change into my Red Superman shirt, and I was good to go. OK, not exactly Mister DressUp here, but fashion has never been high on my priority list. I'm very comfortable in my overalls. Deal with it.

We head to the restaraunt and (after a slight unannounced tour of the streets of Vancouver) we arrived at our destination. I hold the door open so everyone can go in, and follow. The seats at the main table are filled, so I sat at the secondary table. I was fairly dissapointed at first, but that's the way the ball bounces sometimes.  Mike Roberds showed up and sat next to Erynn to chitchat. However, after eating, Mike R. popped over at our table and talked with us for a while. What a nice guy! I don't know if he remembered those of us at the secondary table who had met him 2 years ago, but it was still pretty darn kewl of him to make the effort. :)  Eventually, Patrick showed up (Lance didn't, but he had ended up working late that night and did eventually make an appearance later at the Con-Group Room), and he sat down at our table. Mike popped back over to our table to chat with him, and we had a pretty decent conversation. I was still a little dissapointed about not getting to chat with Bruce, but hoped I'd be able to before we departed. I don't consider myself a groupie of actors (I've been around more than my fair share in the past), but I do like to show my appreciation for especially well performed or memerable roles, and especially anyone working in The Lone Gunmen.  When dinner was over, we all went outside for a couple of group pictures, which our main waiter was immensely kind enough to take for us. Afterwards, I did get a chance to talk with him with a few others, and expressed my appreciation of his participation. We also talked about J.P. Patches, Buffy and a couple of other shows, and  he and his wife regaled us with a couple of very entertaining stories about their cat. Mags mentions later that she had a simply wonderful time talking to Bruce at the table. What little I spoke to him, I received the impression that he is very intelligent, enjoys many classic items in many fields, such as old shows and movies and radio programs. All in all, I was more impressed with his tastes than I had anticipated I would. 

The group departed and went back to the hotel, where soon after Lance showed up after a long day's work. Those of us that were still awake had much fun talking with him, and the twins showed him a couple of vids they had made. Unfortunately I totally neglected to take any pics while he was there.  After he left, most of us broke off for the evening and went to bed.

Saturday - March 25th, 2006

Woke up to Mags and Amy knocking on my door. Somehow I neglected to set the alarm clock correctly, and overslept. Got dressed and joined them and everyone for breakfast.

After breakfast, we all went on a 'locations' trip to various locations used in X-Files and The Lone Gunmen. Took pics of all those places, and many ducks at the last place we stopped at.

When we got back to the hotel, Mags and Amy went to go take a nap, Linda went off to check out a bookstore with the twins and Eve, and I went back to my room to log onto the net. Turns out since we're in Canada my dial-up (which I almost never use) is ten cents a minute, or $6 an hour. Well, I didn't plan on being on for hours anyway, so I check my email and then watch the Comedy channel for a while. Then I walk over to Subways and grabbed a sub, not realizing it's almost dinnertime anyway. When I do realize it, I decide to keep it for a midnight snack.

Mags calls when I'm on my way back, and after dropping the sub off, a bunch of the group decides they'd like subs too. Mags and Amy and I pop back over to Subway.

We get back, those that wanted subs eat, and the rest munch down after we start watching vids... which consisted of segments of Earth Star Voyager and another couple of shows that had appearences of Bruce Harwood in it, a massively funny recording of an improv show of Dean Haglund's, and then a few eps of ROUNDTABLE that Mike R. had brought to dinner with him, courtesy of Lance. Did I mention these are great guys? ;) After many vids, some of us decide to head to bed, so I have no idea what they did or watched after I departed.

Sunday - March 26th, 2006

A fairly uneventful day. We woke up, had breakfast, checked out of the hotel and departed our separate ways. Mags, Amy, Linda and myself headed over the border (another relatively uneventful crossing, other than the fact that the border guard bore a resemblance to Frohike worth mentioning), and of course I forgot to convert my money on the way back. Argh! Such is life. On our way, Linda gets a call from Eve... her flight has been delayed. We naturally are concerned, until she calls back and lets us know that she got a flight and would be put up for the night on her in-between stop.

We get back to the cabin, watch The Fifth Element, go to Red Robin's for dinner and Stone Cold (is that the name?) for dessert. Then we go back to the cabin and watch a couple of episodes of Ghost Hunters before retiring for the night.

Monday - March 27th, 2006

We get up early, watch a movie with Robert Patrick in it (I don't recall the name offhand), and I drive Amy to the SeaTac airport. She mentions she'll probably be home around midnight PST, but doesn't know if she'll be on. I call Mags and Linda and let them know she got to the airport ok, and I head to work after a terrific weekend. :)


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